BLAST Servers

Collections of Single-cell Amplified Genomes of Protists

Nov. 21st 2016

Gawryluk et. al.

Morphological Identification and Single-Cell Genomics of Marine Diplonemids

Oct. 10th 2017

Strassert et. al.

Single cell genomics of uncultured marine alveolates shows paraphyly of basal dinoflagellates

Nov. 25th 2019

Wideman et. al.

Unexpected mitochondrial genome diversity revealed by targeted single-cell genomics of heterotrophic flagellated protists

Jan. 2021

Zahonova et. al.

Single-cell genomics uncovers the canonical mitochondrial genome of a deep-branching euglenozoan

Jan. 2021

Labarre. et. al.

Comparative genomics reveals new functional insights in uncultured MAST species

Sep. 2021

Schön et al.

Picozoa are archaeplastids without plastid